Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Support The Point Lookout Historical Society

Point Lookout Historical Society


We have a mission...

PLHS was established in 1993 with the determination and foresight of many dedicated community volunteers. This invaluable website, started in the mid 1990s by long-time volunteer and current PLHS trustee, Tom Dowling, exemplifies the character of PLHS and its mission to communicate with the public. Driven by the mantra "no documents, no history", the PLHS mission has always been to collect and preserve materials by and about Point Lookout as well as to educate the community and indeed anyone interested about Point Lookout's historical heritage. In pursuit of its mission, the Society serves as the stewards of thousands upon thousands of pieces of Point Lookout history for which it maintains an archive and repository.

We envision a new home...

PLHS seeks a new home: Like many of our community members, PLHS suffered from damage done by Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, we had no losses of materials, which were housed in our former space in the Ye Olde Firehouse. We were, however, obligated to move out of that location; a place we called home for over twenty years. This past Spring, the founding trustees of the Point Lookout Historical Society reached out to architect Joseph Brennan, to see if he was interested in taking on a "local" design for his community. Joe, having the expertise and the passion for his town, was a perfect match. Above you see an architectural rendering by Brennan, which resulted from initial meetings and discussions that continue about preservation needs and community access to the archive and the Point Lookout Historical Society's desire to offer a dynamic cultural community gathering space for meeting and learning about the history of Point Lookout and its environs.

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