Sunday, July 15, 2012


Mike was like no other.

I had the pleasure of being a fellow Renegade member with Mike for 10 years in the Point. His experience from NYC EMS and firefighting benefited all that knew him. The old Mack TL 254 (the True Renegade Rig) was his baby. He could drive that thing as if it was a Volkswagon. (ahh, he would tell us the faster the rig went, the thinner it got, especially on all the Mutual Aids to Long Beach.) Above all he was a good friend to all that knew him.

Memories will never be forgotten, as ex 4100 will attest from many a Sunday afternoon marathon 10th Battalion Meeting at Chicolino's. Yep, he was one of the original charter members of the 10th Battalion... Sunday afternoons at Chicolino's and Monday Nights at Joe's Anchor Inn... He helped put the Point on the Map.. 'Have Tower Ladder will Travel'... although some of the older members and Commissioners weren't too keen on that... Running calls in Hicksville with 931... chasing them as they were stealing the Renegade gate out of the Co. Room... Picnics and training with the brothers from Merrick 6411... hanging on the beach with the old (Green) 529 with Tav, Rodni and the Glen Cove crew.... taking the 'Mean Green Venting Machine' sign from Elmont Truck 2.. the Company Baseball Games... NC Emerald Society Meetings at the Rescue House... and it goes on and on.. the times were amazing... and who can forget the Wedding March from Miraculous Medal Church to the PVI. when he married Mary.. Tower Ladders up and down Lido Blvd with 254 and 931 in front of the PVI..

We need to never forget Mike and all that he did for the Fire Service in Nassau County. He had a heart of Gold. I ask all my brothers and sisters that knew Mike to take a moment and reflect on the good times had... the way the Fire Service used to be.. FUN!

Friendships were made. Fires were put out. Trainings were done. No one got hurt. Life went on. It didn't matter what Company you were in, what Department you were from, or where you worked... it was a brotherhood and we all learned and had respect for each other..... and yes.. the 'F' word... we had FUN!!! Take a moment ...reflect... remember the laughs and good times..

I wish I could make it back for the Memorial.. but scheduling just doesn't allow it. Mike, I will never forget you... Thank you for your friendship and your teachings.. The Point was never the same after you headed south... Enjoy that big Firehouse in the sky... I am sure you are driving the old Mack TL to a job somewhere...

Rest in Peace my brother... I am sure there will be an amazing turnout for the Memorial for you!!!!!