Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter from Legislator District 4 Denise Ford to The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce

Dear Zampella,

I share your frustration as I am a resident in the West End of Long Beach. I did visit Point Lookout this morning to meet with your firefighters and I am working with them to get a representative from LIPA down to hear their concerns and hopefully expedite restoring the power to your neighborhood.

I will keep in touch with them but please continue to keep in touch with me. It may take a while before I can answer you as I do not have internet service where I live.

I will take a copy of this email home with me as it has your telephone number. I wish I could have given you a better response but I know that the County Executive is coordinating efforts to help our small businesses that have been impacted by this hurricane. If you do not get a response from him let me know and I will reach out on your behalf.


Legislator Denise Ford


Reply From The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce to Denise Ford

Dear Ms Ford,

Thank you for your visit to Point Lookout this morning. As you can see the majority of businesses are prepared to reopen if they only had power. I was contacted by the office of Harvey Weisenberg this afternoon in Albany. In that conversation,  I requested that the governor's office instruct the National Guard deploy a 5K generator and a fuel distribution point in Point Lookout, NY. I have not received a response to my specific request.

Governor Cuomo has indicated that help is available to the towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy. There is nothing to indicate that local government is capable of responding to any requests at this time. I will continue to keep you updated of developments in the community as they occur.

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce Website continues to  serve as a source of information for the residents of Point Lookout. Currently the Point Lookout/Lido Fire Department has no means to disseminate information so a close liaison between your office and The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce Website would be an effective method to inform residents.

I appreciate your reply to my letter and trust you will advocate the delivery of generation equipment and fuel distribution for the residents of Point Lookout, NY.


Richard Zampella
VP & Communications Director
The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 917-280-6483 • Email:

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