Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breakdown of Local Government in Nassau County

Where is County Executive Ed Mangano?

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce appreciates the inquiries and comments that have been sent voicing your needs and concerns in the restoration of utilities in Point Lookout. We understand that many people are suffering throughout Nassau County, some have greater obstacles to overcome, some less.

In an attempt to systematically address the restoration of power, the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce has requested a comprehensive plan from local and county government to inform residents of a process to restore utilities. As of today, it appears that the Point Lookout/Lido Fire Department serves as the only form of local government. Our requests for a 5K generator to be delivered  and a fuel distribution point be set up by the National Guard remains unanswered.

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce spoke  with legislator Denise Ford on Thursday November 8, 2012 to discuss the situation in Point Lookout, NY. In that conversation, Denise Ford suggested that there has been a total breakdown in communication between the Town of Hempstead and Ed Magano, the County Executive.

At this point The Point Lookout/Lido Fire department serves the role of local government with meetings and updates daily at the firehouse.

We will continue advocating to the local and state government for more accountability in this situation and a speedy recovery of power.

Richard Zampella
VP & Communications Director
The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce

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