Friday, August 10, 2012

The Entrepreneurial Spirit is Indeed Alive and Well in Point Lookout, NY.

POINT LOOKOUT, NY -- We spotted an impromptu lemonade stand on the corner of Lido and Cedarhurst the otherday. If you think about the state of the country and the economy and these kids with the lemonade stand, perhaps it might bring you back to your childhood that may have involved not only a lemonade stand, but maybe handmade fishing lures or a lawn mowing service. After watching as several of the neighborhood kids joined the lemonade stand sales team, I realized that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well inside each one of us.

Over the last couple of years, we have all watched as big business has failed us. We have gotten away from the spirit that made America great. It was the small business. Those of us who own small businesses know that we are the grease on the wheel of the American economy. Yet it seems that those individuals on Wall Street who are largely responsible for this economic mess we are in, just wanted the quick buck at our expense with no concern for America. But that's another story.

Now back to the Lemonade stand, these kids were financing their venture from a piggy bank. They made all of the plans, they did all of the work, and they cleaned up all of the mess. I am sure we will see the stand pop up again from time to time on a street corner in Point Lookout. Maybe next time you see them, you will stop by and provide a little encouragement.

The entrepreneurial spirit is indeed alive and well in Point Lookout, NY.

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