Saturday, January 14, 2012

Point Lookout NY Historical Society: The Lookout

Starting in January, The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce will publish excerpts from The Point Lookout Historical Publication, "The Lookout".

The "Lookout" was previously published in 2006 by The Point Lookout Historical Society and includes historical journals and stories that disseminate the memories and anecdotes of the community of Point Lookout, NY.

In the coming months, we will feature a monthly installation about the bankers, bootleggers, businesses, bars, bay shacks and clubs of the past of Point Lookout, NY.

We hope to bring to light the stories that make our community unique and irreplaceable.

Our first installation starting in January 2012 will trace the humble beginnings of Point Lookout, NY when it was simply known as "Nassau by the Sea".

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