Thursday, October 27, 2011

Children’s Creativity Flourishes in Point Lookout NY

On Sunday October 16, 2001 Adde Keiserman, owner of Adde K Salon in Point Lookout, NY hosted an art event to help raise awareness for special needs children in Nassau County. The event, which was a joint effort between Addek K Salon and the Long Island Toy Lending Center, attracted the participation of about a dozen children from the surrounding area.

The activity was designed to encourage growth, development and expression. "Children learn through painting because it's fun, self-motivated and stimulating. The basis of every child's life begins with creativity and we all need that opportunity." says Colleen Moseman, Director of the Long Island Toy Lending Center. "We are so grateful to Adde K salon, who gave her time and salon for the day so these children could express themselves in a creative and artistic way."

This is the third time the children assembled to work on the painting. The finished painting entitled "Geoemetric Circles" will become part of the permanent collection of artwork at the salon and will be completed by November. The work-in-progress can be viewed at Adde K Hair Salon which is located at 3 Lido Boulevard in Point Lookout, NY.

"Knowing these truly exceptional children with special needs and their families and the daily struggles they face makes it a pleasure to bring a bright place in their lives with this painting activity." Said salon owner, Adde K.

About Long Island Toy Lending Center

Long Island Toy Lending Center is a organization for Children with disabilities. They meet on the last Thursday of the month every month and allow parents to get a night off with the knowledge that their Children are in good hands. They are always looking for more children and volunteers to help watch the children. For more information on the Long Island Toy Lending Center of to volunteer call (516) 889-8287.

Adde K is owner and operator of Adde K Hair Salon in Point Lookout NY and serves as President of the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce.

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